Pretty early on in my career I took on an internship. It was one of the worst experiences of my life, I was working 30 hours a week unpaid and was taking home books to read for homework, but it was a crash course in branding that gave me a skill-set that I still use often to this day. While I did have a rough beginning, after leaving I was able to work with a wide range of clients, large and small and this page shows a selection of the best of that work.

financial logos-01.png

SEO Website Logos

My client was a web based ad-agency that created SEO based websites for emerging industries and tech. The logos are necessary from an SEO perspective because along with text they populate the webpage in such a way that generates more traffic via google and other algorithm based index searches. To that end I made countless logos for this client and his websites. This is merely a selection of the best, ranging from ones done for financial services, medical technologies and treatments, as well as smart devices.


The Party Pros

My client was a party planner who had recently opened a web arm of their service and wanted a logo that would appeal to disparate groups - from milllenials looking for the next "lituation" to to the older disco and house crews.

 Davis Arena Services  So this logo was done for the same folks who wanted branding work done for "Creative Sports Concepts." In this piece they wanted a logo with a more university/jersey feel for the college arena aspect of their business.

Davis Arena Services

So this logo was done for the same folks who wanted branding work done for "Creative Sports Concepts." In this piece they wanted a logo with a more university/jersey feel for the college arena aspect of their business.

Roosevelt Senior High School

My client was an alumni  Roosevelt Senior High School's and wanted a modern clean looking logo to reflect the newly revitalized school district. This was used on jerseys, hats, and branded material as well as the player's reels for college applications - and yes they got their scholarships.


Samuel Rudick Dental Services

The client in this case was a Manhattan based dentist. He wanted to have a clean cut high end logo befitting his location but wanted to stray away from the corporate feel all too common amongst urban medical offices. Additionally he was concerned about the lingering stigma many kids (and adults) have towards dentiststry and wanted a logo that made him look friendly and approachable.

The Chef Carey Show

My client is a DJ from NYC's golden era of nightlife and is building a podcast to serve as a platform for some of the DJ's and fixtures of that scene to talk about the old days. Along with some brief guidelines from the client, I created this logo. Oddly enough an inspiration for this logo was the "Apple Logo" specifically the metallic/clear iteration. I really enjoy the way the forced monospacing of the grid and clean lines of the helvectica typeface contrast with the organic shapes of the headphones and hand done lettering.

H. Weinberg Plastic Surgery

The client in this case was a plastic surgeon based in Manhattan. While the place was a high end operation the client wanted the logo to communicate the fact that his practice was open to people from all backgrounds. With this guidance I made the logo seen below with that familiar cool blue medical color palette.


Black Cat LES

My client was a Manhattan restaurateur who wanted to create a menu that could serve as a long term tool to promote their branding but also to serve as a promotional item to be given away at a one-off event hosted at the establishment, The client provided me with the logo but without any typography so my first step was to take the logo past the initial stage. From there I decided that I preferred the complimentary yellow/purple color palette to something more traditional for a cafe, as the purple served as a great replacement for the "black" in the title.



Wine Investment Cellars

My client was the owner of a monthly wine subscription program and wanted post-cards and branding to begin their email campaign which would ideally lead into their subscription based service. Along with some brief guidelines I created this logo. The logo combines the rustic worn feel of an old-world Italian winery with the modernity that is the essential aspect of the subscription based service. Unfortunately these folks never took the idea off the ground but the work generated is still beautiful nonetheless.



Queen Of Sheba


My client was an Ethiopian restaurateur who wanted some printed material for take-out menus and wedding catering that fit with their already established branding. Along with some brief guidelines from the client, I created this all of the artwork featured here based upon the art direction and colors of the logo. Takeout sales improved dramatically after the implementation of these neat menus.



Creative Sports Concepts

My client was a sports facility flooring installer who worked with professional sports teams, high schools and universities as well as private enterprises and wanted me to design a logo and create a branding package that aligned with their sales and marketing goals. To that end, I created all of the artwork featured here based based upon my starting point of creating the "Creative Sports Concepts Logo." After creating the logo I created business cards, presentation folders, letterheads, envelopes, and even t-shirts for this company. cards-jeramie davis-front.gif cards-jeramie davis-back.gif


EIC Agency LLC

This is a collection of internally branded printing material I created while in the employ of EIC Agency LLC. EIC was a Manhattan based advertising agency that specialized in brand management and SEO driven web content, they wanted internal work that reflected that business focus. Although I did not create their logo I became essentially the brand curator and created all the print designs put forth by the company during my time there. From rack cards, tri-fold cards, business cards, USB's and more you can see my designs in many applications.